Delivery of samples The cost of service: from 220 $

The company “Intermediario Global” can accept responsibility of acquiring and delivering samples upon the request of a client.

The sample is purchased by an authorized local courier service of the company and then sent by air as urgent or less urgent freight. Some goods also require the services of a customs specialist, but in most cases a small number of goods registered as products for personal use require only filling out a handwritten customs declaration and are not subject to customs duties.


Please note that the following items are prohibited for transportation:

  • Animals;
  • Cash (banknotes, coins);
  • Loaded firearms and bladed weapons, explosives, ammunition, shells, cartridges, explosive devices;
  • Goods prohibited for legal import / export in a particular country and / or worldwide (for example, pornography, pirated copies, drugs, counterfeit products).


In addition, there is the possibility of quality evaluation and examination by experts on the spot, depending on its complexity and competence of the authorized person (or enterprise), the cost and the terms of its approval are calculated.


The solution to the issue of expert evaluation of a product is almost limitless within the capabilities of a particular country or region. On behalf of the Russian client, the company “Intermediario Global” has the opportunity to request laboratory tests, directly or through its authorized partners, with the preparation of a test report for further certification.