Russian realtor The cost of service: is calculated individually

Provision of technical advice,

intermediary services for the organization of the purchase and sale of commercial and residential premises,

the establishment of the market or other value of real estate.

There are the following types of risks in real estate transactions:

  • Risk of not concluded or invalid transactions.

  • Risk of property reclamation.

  • The risk of acquiring property encumbered by third party rights.


In order to avoid such costly and hard-to-solve problems, the company “Intermediario” provides consulting services on the acquisition of real estate in Russia and invites its partners – reliable and proven Russian realtors – for cooperation.



The cost of the service is calculated based on the tasks set:

  1. Audit documentation.
  2. Preparation of documentation for real estate transactions.
  3. Search for real estate by a local real estate agent.
  4. Evaluation, analysis, selection of the best ways to invest in real estate or in construction.
  5. Involvement of a specialist in cadastral works and environmental assessment.
  6. Registration of property rights to real estate.
  7. Property tax calculation
  8. Legal advice in the acquisition and (or) alienation of real estate.
  9. Litigation.