Patents in Russia The cost of service: The cost of the service is calculated individually

Patenting is one of the most common ways of registering intellectual property rights.

Why Protect Intellectual Property Rights?

  • Intellectual property is a valuable asset of the company;

  • It brings profit from licensing or alienation of rights;

  • Increase in the value of the project through the valuation of intangible assets;

  • Increase in the value of goods due to the exclusivity of the offer;

  • It protects against competitors and counterfeit products.

     In order to pass the patenting procedure, confirmation of the patentability criteria is required:

  1. The subject of patenting must have a worldwide novelty

  2. Have an inventive step

  3. Have industrial applicability

     What is important to do before exporting goods?

     It is important to assess whether the exclusive rights to intellectual property objects used for the production of such goods were duly formalized and protected by other manufacturers before exporting own products to the foreign market.

     In the context of cooperation with the company “Intermediario Global”, on behalf of our clients, together with the participation of reliable and trusted partners, we provide results on the following types of patent research:

  1. Patentability assessment

  2. Analysis of patent purity

  3. Patent landscape

     Patentability assessment

It is an investigation to assess the conformity of a particular technical solution to the patentability conditions when deciding to apply for a patent.

     Analysis of patent purity

It is an investigation to determine the conditions for the unimpeded sale of industrial products in the market of a certain country or a number of countries, without violating the rights of third parties who own patents in these countries.

     Patent landscape

It is the investigation of the chosen technical field, analysis of innovations and patent activity, analysis of technological trends, assessment of one’s own patent profile and comparison with the profiles of competitors.