Looking for new partners The cost of service: from 100 to 700 $

Regardless of whether the upcoming transaction is an export or import procedure, when looking for potential partners,

the company “Intermediario Global” bases its choice on the most thorough inspection and high-quality selection.

In order to make valuable contact, it takes a lot of effort and time: it’s necessary to get and analyze a large amount of information, in order to thoroughly check a potential partner and his documents up to date.

To check a potential partner, we use the following plan of action:

  • Open online services with information about the registration of a juridical person;

  • Authorized online services with information about court cases and large debts of a juridical person;

  • Written request to the trade register of the country;

  • Written request to the International Credit Rating Agency;

  • In-depth information from the media on high-profile incidents related to the company.

Building long-term partnerships is a valuable resource of your business and our professional competence.