Mediation of the negotiations The cost of service: from 900 - to 1 700 $

Negotiations involving a mediator, or a third party, are called mediation.

Professional mediation allows you to discuss a problem based on the deep, not formal interests of the parties,

and also creates the basis for a constructive dialogue between partners.


The company “Intermediario Global” specializes in multilateral negotiations, has experience in organizing integrative negotiations, as well as in resolving conflicts between the parties.



We use the following principles when conducting the mediation procedure:


  • Show neutrality towards all participants in the negotiation process;
  • The parties taking part in the mediation procedure enjoy equal rights;
  • Participation of the parties may only be voluntary;
  • For our part, we guarantee the confidentiality of all information received and will make efforts to ensure that the parties comply with this condition;
  • Segregate facts from their interpretations and assessments during the conversation;
  • Concentrate on interests rather than positions of the parties;
  • Generate new ways of solving problems, look for sources of mutual benefit or the best compromise for the parties;
  • Provide objective criteria for developing a solution;
  • Show endless patience, attention and respect to all parties in negotiations.

The strategic goal of any negotiation is to conclude a contract that satisfies all parties.


Important: for a successful conclusion of a foreign trade contract, it is necessary to objectively determine the level of contact with a foreign partner!



In negotiations of intent, the purpose of interaction is to establish contact and obtain information to form a commercial proposal.

In technical negotiations, the objective is formulated on the basis of the technical characteristics of your product and important information that you need to pass along to a foreign partner – for example, its competitive advantages.

For commercial negotiations, data on price, delivery terms, product certification and everything related to it are important.


There is a certain plan of actions for preparing for negotiations, which must be done in advance and answer the questions posed as clearly and unequivocally as possible:


  • Draw up a proposal for your partner;

  • Prepare strong arguments confirming and strengthening your position;
  • Choose tactics of behavior in the negotiation process;
  • Prepare a strategy to resolve a hypothetical conflict;
  • Fix limits of flexibility for compromises and opportunities for concessions;
  • Formulate the goal and desired result of the negotiations.

Multilateral business negotiations is a multi-stage process that requires serious advance preparation by both the negotiator and his client.

The negotiations are attended by 1 professional mediator (certified specialist of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and 2 interpreters.

At the end of the negotiations, the client receives a meeting minutes listing the final agreements reached by the parties and/or a mediation agreement (notarized).