Media Planning The cost of service: from 1 900 $

Product promotional strategy

Drawing up an accurate description of the advertising campaign parameters is called a media plan.


It must be done to determine the most effective advertising space for a specific target audience,

to manage the costs of producing advertising content and buying media space, for its placement.



Strategy development includes several stages:

  1. Determination of goals of campaign for the exporting enterprise in the foreign market ;
  2. Marketing research of competitive offers in the same market;
  3. Target audience research;
  4. Determination of the promotion budget;
  5. Providing the customer with several promotion options within the available budget;
  6. Development of the promotion strategy itself, which is based on three elements: marketing, media and creative strategy;
  7. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the work done.


We work to ensure an exporting companies from unjustified risks and minimize costs, avoiding mistakes in promotion of their goods through ineffective channels of interaction with potential customers when entering the Russian market.



The prepared media plan contains the following sections:​​

  • Target audience of the product; customer contact points.

  • Insight (description of the main idea) of the product / company / brand.

  • Goals and objectives of the advertising campaign.

  • Possible advertising space available for product advertising.

  • Promotion strategy – a list of steps to achieve your goals.

  • Drawing up a calendar of conversion actions and payments.

  • Calculation the advertising campaign budget.

  • Prediction of gross rating point (GRP) which quantifies impressions as a percentage of the target population.

Advertising works only where it looks appropriate!

We guarantee you’ll get a professional and competent expertise, as well as a high technical and artistic level when creating advertising campaigns from scratch or when adapting ready-made advertising materials to the Russian market realities.