Market research The cost of service: from 300 $

Market research is carried out to impartially evaluate the competitive capability of a client’s product when entering a new market, evaluate the prospects for profit from its sale, as well as the practical advantage of the obtained information is the opportunity to find out and use the most effective and proven sales channels for such products.

Information obtained as a result of market research:

  1. Main trends and development prospects of the foreign market.
  2. The capacity of the foreign market.
  3. Competitive and price
  4. Main sales and product promotion channels.


The company “Intermediario Global” conducts market research for its Clients according to the following plan:​

  • Geographic location of the region of interest in relation to the main financial and commercial centers in Russia;
  • Market capacity is the potential volume of sale of goods and services;
  • Potential demand for the product;
  • Competitors: we evaluate their quantity, their product range and the channels they use to promote their own products;
  • Research of the prices of competitors’ products.
  • Consumer demand for this product and its dynamics over the past 3 years.

The cost of the service is calculated based on the selected options:

  • analysis of current trends in a given market;
  • analysis of market volumes and dynamics over the past three years;
  • evaluation of the prospects for market development in the next years;
  • general analysis of market demand;
  • consumer analysis: target audience characteristics and segmentation;
  • analysis of consumer preferences and expectations;
  • general analysis of the market offer;
  • characteristics of the main direct competitors;
  • competitive analysis with a focus on product and pricing policies (no more than 10 companies).

Sources of information used:


  • Official statistics of state bodies
  • Publications and reviews


  • Data from audit companies
  • Data from advertising monitoring agencies
  • Compilation of expert opinions
  • Results of field research