Logistics The cost of service: is calculated individually

 The company “Intermediario Global” is a service aggregator and a business facilitator, and with this condition it performs exclusively intermediary functions in the relationship between its clients and their logistics agents.

   What does the participation of “Intermediario Global” give in the organization of logistics?

  • Control the fulfilment of contractual obligations

  • Product value added Management

  • Product cost added Management

     ОFrom each logistic partner that we select individually, based on the request of our client, we strictly demand to follow the 7R rule:

  1. RIGHT PRODUCT – the right product

  2. RIGHT PLACE – delivered to the right place

  3. RIGHT TIME – at the right time

  4. RIGHT QUALITY – the required quality

  5. RIGHT QUANTITY – in the required quantity

  6. RIGHT CUSTOMER – to the right customer

  7. RIGHT COST – with the cost-optimal level

     Thanks to this general view on solving complex problems (helicopter view) and wide variety of services, “Intermediario Global” is indispensable when it is required:

  • Transport logistics

  • Warehouse logistics

  • Production logistics

  • Inventory management

  • Customs logistics

  • Reverse logistics

     What kind of logistics partners do we hire on behalf of our clients?

  1. Freight forwarding companies

    1. carriers

    2. freight forwarders

    3. container lines

  2. Customs clearance

    1. customs representatives (customs brokers)

  3. Warehouse logistics

  4. Distribution

    1. logistics operators

    2. foreign trade agents

     Our services are aimed at reducing the cost of moving goods by different modes of transport, consolidating small lots of goods and integrating the services of different carriers.

     What are we responsible for and what can we guarantee to our client?

  • Correct timing of interaction between the customs representative, client and customs;

  • Correct preparation of the basic set of documents;

  • Responsibility of the cargo carrier for the client’s losses due to damage or loss of cargo;

  • Responsibility of the customs representative for the client’s losses due to unqualified performance of contractual obligations;

  • Clarify the pricing process for logistics services, special terms and conditions of the contract, characteristics of cargo insurance and other peculiarities of international legal norms.