Landing page The cost of service: is 500 $

Your Business-Intermediary with an assistance of its trusted and highly competent partners,

provides services for creating single web pages for a product that is planned to be imported and presented in Russia.

The goals of a landing page:

  1. Providing detailed information about the product and its manufacturer.

  2. Expanding the customer base among foreign customers, increasing brand awareness in a new segment of the economy.

  3. Direct sale of goods on the web site or the way to conclude long-term supply contracts.

  4. Consumer demand research.

  5. Attracting business partners using inbound marketing.

Creating a landing page on Russian for your company includes:

  • Translation, adaptation and publication of information about the exported product;

  • Filling the page taking into account the specific character of the region where it will be promoted;

  • Up-to-date design, taking into account the characteristics of the product and its target audience;

  • Site architecture: clear structure of the page;

  • Adapting the page for mobile devices;

  • Integration into search engines;

  • Free domain name for 1 year – as a gift.


We can use materials provided by you or together with our partners – professional copywriters, illustrators, web- and graphic designers – to develop them, strictly according to the wishes of our Client.

The company “Intermediario Global” practices an INDIVIDUAL APPROACH to each client.

Work examples are available upon request.