Foreign trade contract The cost of service: is 650 $

The company “Intermediario Global” takes responsibility for drafting foreign trade contracts,

as well as responsibility for representing the interests of its Customers under the drawn up contracts within international law.

Characteristics of foreign trade contracts:


  1. Foreign economic transactions must be made in simple written form.

  2. Non-compliance with the form may result in the invalidity of the transaction on the territory of the Russian Federation.

  3. The need to draw up one document that will be valid for both parties.

What does a correctly drawn up foreign trade contract represent?

  1. Sequence and interdependence of actions

  2. Contract clauses timing

  3. A contract is a document of currency, tax and customs control

What should be written in the contract?

  • Shipping documents: list, type, content, time of delivery, etc;

  • Requirements for presentation of documents for letter of credit;

  • Points of dispatch and transfer points;

  • Time, tariffs and penalties.​


A foreign trade contract has the following structure:

  1. Preamble

  2. Object of the contract

  3. Quantity of goods

  4. Product quality

  5. Time of delivery

  6. General conditions of delivery (Incoterms)

  7. Prices and total contract value

  8. Terms of payment

  9. Shipment, packaging and marking

  10. Delivery acceptance of goods

  11. Claims

  12. Warranties

  13. Insurance

  14. Responsibility of the parties

  15. Force majeure

  16. Arbitration

  17. Other provisions

  18. Duration of the contract

  19. Signatures of the parties

  20. Annexes, specifications (if any)