Organization of participation in exhibitions The cost of service: from 3 000 $

We recommend starting work on organizing the exhibition by drawing up a detailed action plan and a list of expected results.

The exhibition is a great way to present your products in a new market to a wide range of stakeholders and a powerful tool for competitive research.

  • It allows you to create a positive image of your company;

  • To meet a truly interested audience;

  • It allows you to make new business connections;

  • To negotiate contracts immediately on the spot;

  • To make a name for yourself and to distribute informational materials;

  • To explore the market for competitive offers;

  • To get price comparisons for the entire segment;

  • To get direct contact with buyers and customers;

  • In general, to know the area.


Much depends on the type of product you want to present and its target audience. In some cases, it is enough to prepare one stand in the exhibition center hall; in other cases, more advanced methods of attracting customer demand are required, such as: presentation, tasting, sampling, business breakfast format, promotions and competitions.

As part of cooperation with our company, our Сlients receive:

  1. Ocean of new possibilities.

  2. Concrete recommendations on the main aspects of preparing for exhibitions, trade fairs, forums and conferences in Russia.

  3. Preparation of a set of documents for the customs clearance for temporary or permanent importation of products into the Russian Federation, as well as reference information on mandatory certification.

  4. Information about the exhibition area infrastructure, marketing and PR opportunities for exhibitors.

  5. Event budget calculation.

  6. Assistance at all stages of preparation and participation in the exhibition.

  7. Advertising campaigns, translation and adaptation of materials by specialists in their field, native Russian speakers.

  8. Preliminary communication with potential partners: sending commercial proposals and scheduling meeting.

  9. Control of the advertising law compliance in Russia.


In addition, we carry out careful budget planning; we take care of creating handouts and other promotional products; designand production of the exhibition stand; preparing the necessary documents for participating in the exhibition, importing goods, accreditation of specialists;  as well as transfer, guide services and organisation of protocol events.

We put a lot of professional effort to ensure that your stay at a work event in Russia is filled with joy and comfort, as well as to make your company’s presentation the highlight of the exhibition!