Customs clearance The cost of service: is calculated individually

The Business Intermediary, on behalf of the client, takes on the functions of selecting an authorized customs representative,

control over his actions and verification of all documents for compliance, by another specialist in customs law.

The company “Intermediario” provides services

for the administration of the customs procedure, which includes:


  • Customs consulting

  • Choosing the optimal customs procedure

  • Assistance in obtaining permits

  • Control over the performance of duties of customs representatives

When goods pass through the state border, the exporter or importer must go through the customs clearance procedure, which is regulated by the Customs Code of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union).

Customs clearance procedure includes the following activities:


  1. Presentation of goods to customs officers.

  2. Declaration: a detailed description of the goods, indicating its customs value, the presentation of licenses, certificate of origin of goods and declaration of conformity.

  3. Mandatory payments: customs duty and import / export duties (except for the preferential treatment for non-resource exports).

The cost of the service is calculated individually based on the selected options:

  • customs clearance in the country of export;

  • customs clearance in the country of import;

  • collection of permits for export;

  • collection of permits for import;

  • selection of the EAEU commodity nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity;

  • preparation, acceptance, accounting and registration of customs declarations;

  • checking the correctness of documents for the declared goods;

  • control over the accuracy of the calculation of the customs value of the goods;

  • control of the payment of customs duties;

  • cargo inspections at customs clearance points;

  • control over compliance with the requirements for packaging and marking.