Calculation of contract value The cost of service: is 900 $

The company “Intermediario” calculates the value of a foreign trade contract

and offers some possibilities for optimizing the costs of its execution.

Regardless of whether the next transaction is an export or import procedure,

it is always recommended to calculate the value of a foreign trade contract in advance.



What parameters are taken into account when evaluating the contract value?​

  • Expenses of both parties
  • Terms of payment
  • Guarantees of the parties
  • Risk protection
  • Financial support

What are the expenses of the exporter in the implementation of the export contract?


1. Expenses related to the preparation of goods for export:

  • Certification, licensing
  • Obtaining other required permits
  • Packaging of goods and necessary marking

2. Expenses related to delivery conditions:

  • Delivery basis (INCOTERMS)
  • Logistics costs (transportation and temporary storage at delivery points)
  • Costs of cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance costs

3. Expenses related to the payment under the export contract:

  • Amount of advance payment
  • Existence of deferred payment and its duration
  • Presence of an intermediary (bank or other financial agent)