Contextual advertising The cost of service: is 400 $

The Business-Intermediary, with an assistance of its competent partners, provides services for setting up

contextual advertising based on the Google AdWords service, the following analysis of clicks and lead capture.

Taking into account the cultural and linguistic characteristics of Russia, we set up contextual advertising in such a way that it is visible only to those to whom your proposal will be really interesting and useful.


In this case, the writing off of amounts reserved for advertising occurs only for customer clicks directed to your site, and not just for displaying an advertisement.



As the result:

  • Effective use of the advertising budget;

  • Ad impressions only in a narrow segment of potential customers;

  • High conversion rate of requests for goods and services.

In addition to setting up advertising and attracting customers to the site (or product landing page), there is also the possibility to track interested parties, for further communication (outbound marketing) – to capture leads.

Technically, this service is realized as a secretary or call center service with Russian-speaking operators. Each click of an interested client is recorded and registered in the CRM database.


Carrying out a set of such measures aimed at identifying the initial active demand for your product in the market of a future expansion country is a good help before starting to export products into a new market and a strong image strategy for your company.


We help our clients transform their business to international online from any region.

It’s very simple! There are only:

Setup, launch, analysis and progress report.