Communication The cost of service: from 100 $ / per negotiation session

Keeping high-level business communication is an important and responsible task,

especially if your business partner is a foreigner.

The company “Intermediario Global” is a professional negotiator and can take on the task of establishing initial contact with your business partner through calls and correspondence. 

Business correspondence is a legal document and, at the same time, an important element of business etiquette.


What conditions ensure success and mutual understanding in negotiations with foreign partners?

  • Anticipation of the behavioral characteristics andexpectations of the business partner;
  • Following the rules and regulations of the international protocol andbusiness etiquette;
  • Choosing talking pointsfor the expository part of the business meeting, taking into account the cultural and ethnic characteristics of foreign partners;
  • Correct interpretation of partners’ body signals;
  • Competent narration, calm tone, a complete rejection of the strategy of dispute andconfrontation for the idea, active listening;
  • Taking into account the particularities of decision-makingby representatives of different cultures.

“Intermediario Global” is responsible for ensuring effective communication between negotiators and is not responsible for the fulfillment of the agreements reached by the parties.


Correspondence is done on behalf of the client’s company via  e-mail, negotiation interpreting is done via videoconference.


(!) The service is provided around the clock.


At the end of negotiations, “Intermediario Global” provides the client with a protocol that includes:​

  1. The resultsof the agreements;
  2. Deadlinesfor the fulfilment of obligations;
  3. Timing of payments;
  4. Transaction method;
  5. List of all documents necessary to sign and certify.


When interim arrangements are put on paper, confidence in the strength of the agreements increases and the risk of default is reduced. If you plan important negotiations, then you will certainly need someone in your team who is fluent in the language of your business partner.