Commercial proposal The cost of service: from 400 $

The company “Intermediario Global”  assumes the functions of drawing up a commercial proposals and other types of invitations to treat for potential clients, can send direct mails, as well as conduct further communication with addressees through email correspondence and phone calls.

In the practice of international trade relations, there are the following 

ways to agree on the terms of a future foreign trade contract:

  • Commercial proposal

  • Offer (revocable / irrevocable)

  • Indicative offer

  • Preliminary agreement

  • Letter of intent


When preparing a commercial proposal for a foreign buyer,

it makes sense to include an overview of the following data:

  • Competitive advantages of the offered products;
  • Production cost and suggested retail price, for a quick assessment of the profitability of an export transaction;
  • Flexibility in using different forms and terms of payment, including, for example, the possibility of granting a credit or deferred payment to the buyer.


Drawing up of the offer, as well, and a business letter or any other document relating to the financial obligations of the parties, it makes sense to think with extreme care and caution, in view of the fact that further negotiations with a partner will begin with fixed conditions, which will be much more difficult to strengthen in the future than to make some concessions, in some not too fundamental issues, in order to reach a compromise and conclude a contract.