Certification and licensing The cost of service: from 1 600$

The company “Intermediario Global” finds accredited contractors to pass the certification procedure,

obtain other permits and is responsible for the completeness and correctness of all collected documents.

Types of permits:


Certificate is a document issued by an authorized state body and that confirms the quality of the product.

The product is put to tests designed to verify its characteristics and, based on the test results, a certificate is issued on a standard form, which has several degrees of protection.

Certification can be either mandatory or voluntary.

Declaration of conformity is a document issued by the manufacturer of a product or service, in which the quality of a product is confirmed by its manufacturer. The responsibility for the accuracy of the data falls on the declarant.

Certificates and declarations are entered in the unified register of the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) www.fsa.gov.ru


Technical regulation is a normative legal act that lays out the characteristics that a specific type of product must comply with for free circulation in the countries of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union).

Its maximum validity is 5 years, during which the products can be freely sold in the territory of the countries of the customs union.


CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY for products imported to Russia:


To obtain a certificate for serial production, an expert must travel to the manufacturer’s country and visit the manufacturer’s factory to prepare documents and take samples necessary for registration of the certificate of conformity (drawing up a production analysis report, drawing up a sampling certificate).


To obtain a batch certificate, an expert is not expected to leave for production and an authorized expert identifies the batch at the customs. He selects the required number of samples for testing from the batch and they are transferred to the testing laboratory.


Product testing is carried out within 2-3 weeks, after which a report on the success of the tests is issued / or a negative report, if the products have not passed the tests in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Russian Federation.

According to the test report issued, a certificate of conformity can already be issued.


What documents are required to obtain a certificate?

  • Contract and invoice for batch delivery

  • Cargo customs declaration (for the transport of samples)

  • Product description with technical specifications and instructions for each of the goods