Business representative The cost of service: is calculated individually

The company “Intermediario Global” can assume the functions of a business representative of your product in Russia.

This service includes searching and interacting with your potential clients, holding meetings and concluding commercial contracts on behalf of the client’s company, accepting and re-exporting products with technical defects.



With this type of interaction, we take care of everything:

  • product documentation;

  • mandatory product certification;

  • acceptance of goods at the state border;

  • organization of cargo transportation within the country;

  • to ensure the safe storage of cargo;

  • preparation of documents for currency control;

  • relationship with retailers and distributors within the country;

  • receiving claims and returning products with technical defects.


Cooperation is made under an agency contract, in which the company “Intermediario” assumes part of the risks of the transaction for remuneration and is not the owner of the goods and is not the final beneficiary.

Thanks to this option, our clients receive:

  • Expansion of the market for their products and ——->
  • new customers on another continent who can quickly and easily purchase imported exclusive products ——->
  • product accompanied by all the necessary documents for sales ——>
  • Russian buyers will purchase goods from a Russian company ——>
  • payments in rubles, without their own risks of foreign trade.


And, most importantly, we work with the reputation management of our customers’ products and company image abroad.

  1. We express concern and respond in a timely manner to criticism and negative feedback in open sources of information;
  2. We undertake to resolve conflict situations relating to our Client’s interests;
  3. Demonstrate responsibility and control the way we resolve complex situations by finding new solutions that are beneficial to each party.