Organization of a business mission The cost of service: from US $ 750

The company Intermediario Global will help to prepare and carry out the negotiations face to face of our Client with their clients.

There are a number of typical mistakes made by entrepreneurs leading to the unsuccessful completion of their business missions in a foreign country: 

  • Lack of understanding of the psychological side of the negotiation process (without understanding the national cultural characteristics and non-verbal signals of partners);
  • Lack of fixing the limits of negotiation possibilities: on price, delivery terms and flexibility of other decisions regarding partners;
  • Lack of awareness of the economic state of the region where business is planned and analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Low linguistic (terminological) preparation of an interpreter;
  • Late detection of hidden interests of foreign partners;
  • Lack of certain tactics of behavior in the negotiation process and strategies for getting out of a possible conflict.


We will prepare a decision in advance on the following organizational issues:

  1. Drawing up regulations for the participants of the negotiation team to create a general course of behavior for the entire delegation during the business mission.
  2. Determination of the place and time of the meeting.
  3. Setting of agenda for each meeting.
  4. Coordination of issues related to negotiations with interested organizations and departments.


In addition, Intermediario Global will prepare information support for negotiations:

  1. Gather information on the subject of negotiations (prepare a description of the competitive advantages of your client’s product for the local market, which will be the basis of the main argument in the negotiations).
  2. Gather information about the desired market (information about competitors and similar products in this market).
  3. Gather information about the negotiating partner’s company (information from the company’s website, from the media and social networks).