Business in Russia The cost of service: is calculated individually

Registration of a new company or opening a branch of your enterprise in the territory of Russian Federation

can be one of the key strategic decisions for expanding your business to a new market.

According to the laws of Russia, citizens of other countries have the right to become founders of companies and register legal entities in their name, using the same legal rights as Russian citizens, respecting a number of formalities regarding confirmation of the legality of stay and place of residence in the country.

What is the company registration procedure and what services does “Intermediario” provide?

  • Choice of the type of a legal entity.

  • Selection of the name for the company in Russian.

  • Selection of the company’s registered address and the conclusion of a lease agreement.

  • Description of the company’s professional activities, using the codes of Russian Industry Classification System.

  • Drawing up of constituent documents.

  • Determination of the optimal tax system.

  • Registration of a digital signature in the name of the client.

  • Filling out an application to register a company.

  • Providing a set of documents to the registering tax authority.

  • Obtaining documents on registration of the company.

  • Obtaining licenses and other permits, if necessary.

  • Opening a bank account for a legal entity.

“Intermediario Global” provides services  for drawing up a set of documents required for registration of a legal entity in Russia, provides them to the registration tax authority and verifies that all the documents received are correct and comply with the requirements of Russian law.

Request statistics and analytics on the dynamics of foreign trade operations for a particular industry or for the production dynamics of the product you are interested in.

Beef, pork, lamb, goat, horse and other animal meat, fresh, chilled or refrigerated, thousands of tons

Solid state beet white sugar without flavorings or colors, thousands of tons

Vegetable oils and their unrefined fractions, thousands of tons

Ready-made fabrics, millions of m2

Pipes, hollow sections and their steel fittings, million tons

Conveyors, units

Tractors for agriculture and others, thousand units

Metal cutting machines, units

Bulldozers and bulldozers with swivel blade, pieces

Woodworking machines, pieces

Excavators, pieces

Press and forging machines, units