Assistance. Consultation. Mediation.

Support of trade transactions between Latin America and Russia

Start to trade with Russia!

Start to trade with Russia!


Our mission:

    • Promoting the development of economic relations between South American countries and the Russian Federation
    • Act as a facilitator and mediator in a complex procedure of export-import relations
    • An increase in import content of Latin American goods in Russia, the export of Russian technologies abroad

What our clients get:

Guarantees and security

in international transactions

10% discount

for the services of our partners

Telephone support

in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

24/7 control

of current tasks and processes 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

Valuable information

for building strong business contacts

Import of Russian products

we are open to cooperation

Export we promote goods

from Latin American producers in Russia


Our price

10% is a discount

that our customers receive on all* products and services of our partners

1% of the total transaction value

is paid by Client
to the company "Intermediario"
for its services

See the benefits!
We tried hard to create an offer that you can't refuse.
* - Our client receives a discount always (every time) and everywhere on any goods and services purchased from our partners. TOGETHER WITH US IT’S PROFITABLE!

Calculation of the cost of services, conclusion of a contract

Prepayment of 20% or creation of a letter of credit account

Achievement of objectives / signing of the acceptance report

Final settlement under the contract

About our company


TIN: 7726460459

PSRN: 1197746715583

Legal address:

Moscow, Dnepropetrovskaya street, building 3, housing 5, office 8.

The company data sheet

Our office is located in Domodedovo, Moscow Region, near the international airport.


The company specializes in exclusive representation of trademarks in the country of their foreign expansion, registration of licenses, all the permits required for goods crossing the border and consulting activities in all related areas.


The company is headed by the general director – Ekaterina Petrova. The company’s specialists involved in working with clients are a team of translators, marketers, advertisers, economists and lawyers in international law.


Most of the team came together thanks to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where we performed many different functions within the same project in this great event.


All of us are united by the experience of living and doing business on both continents. This gave an impulse for a deep understanding, respect and love for the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the inhabitants of these different parts of the world.


Thanks to this unique and interesting mix of knowledge, our team can claim the exclusivity of its enterprise; we strive to be irreplaceable pilots in the sea of ​​Russian – Latin American trade and legal relations.

We are always in touch!

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